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Guided Reading

What is Guided Reading?

How do you do Guided Reading for beginning readers?

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Key Links Focus Panels

Order Key Links Guided Reading Books

Guided Reading is an approach where students are grouped to read according to their reading stage (or level)not age.

Students in a guided reading group are prompted to apply literacy skills and strategies they have been introduced to through Shared Reading or other literacy experiences. The teacher is able to assess whether students are able to use appropriate literacy skills and strategies by the responses they make to teacher prompts.

During Guided Reading the responsibility for reading shifts more to the student than in Shared Reading. The teacher supports the readers by asking probing questions.

Reading Approaches

  • Group multiple copies of appropriate Guided Reading titles.
  • Sequence the titles so that they scaffold from one to the next. Key Links titles have been carefully sequenced to maximise opportunities to scaffold and reinforce vocabulary, letter–sound relationships and literacy skills and strategies. See inside the back cover of each book.

Magenta TTB

Pre Check Students

Follow the overall step-by-step guide in the front of each Key Links Guided Reading book to establish a routine for guided reading lessons.

The ‘on the page’ prompts in the focus panel are suggestions to stimulate discussion. They are not designed to be prescriptive and should be used in conjunction with the teacher’s knowledge of individual student needs. 

Discuss and make predictions from the illustrations.

Read the text. Focus on processing strategies (skills to decode text).

Revisit text. Focus on comprehension and response to the text in groups or pairs.

For beginning (Magenta) readers, the teacher may read the text — including speech bubbles and labels — with students.

For students reading Red or Yellow titles it is expected they will read the text independently ‘in their heads’. The teacher will be able to assess their comprehension by their responses to prompts.

It is recommended that a Reading Strategy Chart be made easily accessible for students to support students with processing strategies.

See ideas in the Key Links Teachers' Tool Boxes

Yellow TTB
Yellow TTB page 20

After students have successfully read all books at a level, it is recommended that they are assessed with a Post-check book and Nonfiction card so the teacher can determine if they are ready to read at the next level or need further focussed teaching.