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Students are exposed to every link in the literacy chain through

  1. actively thinking and talking about what and how they read
  2. being explicitly exposed to comprehension and processing strategies in a systematic way
  3. practising flow, expression and phrasing in their oral reading
  4. reading titles that are carefully scaffolded to build and reinforce vocabulary and letter–sound relationships.

The Books

The humorous fiction titles and fascinating nonfiction titles engage readers.

The wrap-around covers increase excitement and add information about the book before reading.

There are an equal number of fiction and nonfiction titles at each level.


The design is cutting-edge, to appeal to young, visually savvy learners. Features include speech bubbles, variety of fonts and design, and nonfiction features.


NEW documentary-style nonfiction

To make nonfiction more accessible to beginning readers Key Links uses a documentary style.

Using a ‘case-study’ approach, experiences of animals or people are recounted to give students a more familiar story-like feel.

Focus Panels

Visual Summaries

Scaffolding and Reinforcement

The titles in Key Links have been carefully sequenced to scaffold and reinforce literacy skills and strategies including:

    • letter–sound relationships
    • high-frequency words
    • vocabulary
    • punctuation
    • reading fluency
    • processing skills
    • comprehension strategies.

The position of each book in the Key Links sequence is shown on the inside back cover of each book, eg KL-M1 – Key Links – Magenta 1

Example: Scaffolding of key high-frequency words

Monkey Fun
I Am A Robot
Whats Next?
Sleeping Animals

Monkey Fun
Key Words: I am
I am a Robot
Key Words: I am a
What´s Next?
Key Words: Here is the
Sleeping Animals
Key Words: The ___ is
Key Words: The ___ are



Step-by-step guidance

Guide Notes are provided at the beginning of each book.

Monkey Fun - Inside FC

Class-to-home link

The FOCUS PANELS provide a classroom to home link to help ensure parents and teachers are ‘on the same page’ if books are taken home.

Often parents are unsure how to use take-home reading books.

The prompts in the Focus Panels can be used by parents to discuss Key Links books and also to give them ideas for how to approach other books they read with their children.


Magenta: Scope and Sequence
Red: Scope and Sequence
Yellow: Scope and Sequence
Blue: Scope and Sequence
Green: Scope and Sequence
Fluency – Orange/Turquoise: Scope and Sequence
Fluency – Purple/Gold: Scope and Sequence
Silver/Emerald: Scope and Sequence
Ruby/Sapphire: Scope and Sequence